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From The "Crossroads" To "A Better World", The Phil Mitchell Band Releases A Quality Brand New Album in October.

23rd September 2020: Indie Rock Group from Chicago, “The Phil Mitchell Band”, is once again making headlines in the music world with the proposed release of a brand-new album in October. In a depressing and gloomy pandemic atmosphere, the new release music comes like a breath of fresh air reflected aptly in the album title A Better World.

Lead composer, and singer-songwriter Phil Mitchell is well known for producing beautiful music in a diversity of musical genres. A Better World, is a journey of sorts taking him from the style of his earlier album Crossroads to A Better World. According to the singer, the transition reflects his own life narrated through a well-crafted musical experience.

The Phil Mitchell Band’s new album will undoubtedly be an all-encompassing experience for the listener. Targeted at a diverse audience, the album will feature the quote writer’s signature style of integrating a variety of sounds including rock, folk, dance, and R&B. Echoing the influence of Celtic music, Classical music, Pop music, and Electronic Dance music, A Better World is literally what it says, a brand-new experience for any music fan.

Phil Mitchell’s penchant for melting contemporary music with classical; rock and folk is not new. It is this incredible artistry in collaboration with some well-known musicians that has made him a popular figure on the music scene. With A Better World, Mitchell seeks to achieve likewise with well-known singers like Natasha Sheyenne, Lisanne Veenendaal, and Joda Omi being featured in the venture. Backing up the singers on the musical venture is none other than guitarist Alvaro Soto.

A Better World proposes to be true to its name with creative songwriting that hopes to captivate a listener’s imagination. The album releasing in October is perhaps the best thing for music lovers isolated in a time bereft of outdoor entertainment. In such a scenario, the album will indeed be a pick-me-up for the senses making every listener want more out of life. Promoting A Better World as a journey of self-discovery and imagination,

Mitchell says, Let's build those dreams together than "never die and last.

As one of the best Indie Rock groups to come out of Chicago, The Phil Mitchell Band has always been successful in the past for their unique musical collaborations. Band members blend perfectly in sync to produce flawlessly musical harmony. It may not be wrong to expect a lot out of A Better World as the perfect release for the Christmas music season.

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Albums have received good reviews on radio stations worldwide. From the "Morning Star", to "America", to the more recent "Crossroads Album".  Phil continues to explore musical boundries.

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This track, Come and Stay With Me, is an upbeat pop/rock song taken from their album Crossroads, with elements of 70’s rock such as musical virtuosity and an ambitious, epic arrangement. The sound is very musical with flamboyant, Rick Wakeman-style piano and equally florid guitars, providing the bedrock for Phil Mitchell’s assured vocal performance. The lilting verse melody latches quickly in the memory but its the surging passages of energetic musicianship that really set this apart from the pack.  The structure is unusual but highly effective and the longer the track goes on the more euphoric the instrumental sections become. Strident, octave-spanning piano duels with creamy electric lead guitar and synth strings driven by solid but inventive drumming, held in perfect balance by the vocal sections and the infectious title hook. This approach brought to mind the epic rock of the 70’s such as Queen and the operatic rock of Jim Steinman (Meat Loaf).

Overall, this is an immensely enjoyable rock/pop track that cleverly balances traditional verse and chorus songwriting with instrumental sections that allow the other members of the Phil Mitchell Band to shine. What is truly impressive is how the studio recording has effectively captured the energy of the musical performances and you can tell this is a band who have been playing a long time. It’s this kind of musical authenticity that is lacking from so much modern mainstream music, but fortunately Phil Mitchell and his gifted cohorts are here to help redress the balance.

VERDICT = 9 out of 10

Alex Faulkner