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Reviews and Press Release

TheBandCampDiaries -"This release is chockfull of earnest vibes and personal lyrics. One of the most inspiring moments on the project is definitely “A Nation of Love.” This track is a true anthem, about putting our differences aside and live together in peace as human. We are all from the same Earth, and we are all tied together by deeper ideas, including our quest for love. This beautiful song explores these amazing vocal concepts, and it makes me think of artists as diverse as Queen, Elton John, as well as The Who, only to mention a few The fantastic female vocals also add a lot of depth to the track, and they bring in a touch of sultry mystery to the track as well, almost reminding me of artists like Sinead O’Connor, or even Enya, only to mention a few. If you enjoy music that has a deeper message, while still retaining a vibrant, entertaining twist, you should not pass on “Crossroads!” This is a fantastic, positive, and inspiring release with a very uplifting feel to it."

TheFaulknerReview-Come and Stay with Me Song- "Rick Wakeman style piano and equally florid guitars, providing the bedrock. The lilting verse melody latches quickly in the memory but its the surging passages of energetic musicianship that really set this apart from the pack. The structure is unusual but highly effective and the longer the track goes on the more euphoric the instrumental sections become. Strident, octave-spanning piano duels with creamy electric lead guitar and synth strings driven by solid but inventive drumming, held in perfect balance by the vocal sections and the infectious title hook. This approach brought to mind the epic rock of the 70’s such as Queen and the operatic rock of Jim Steinman (Meat Loaf)."

Eclectic Indie Rock Group the Phil Mitchell Band Launches Latest Single "A Nation of Love" (128 news sites picked up)

New song aimed at moving the United States forward at a time of crossroads

CHICAGO, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Eclectic Chicago Indie rock group, the Phil Mitchell Band, has officially launched its latest single "A Nation of Love". The powerfully moving track melds together contemporary and classic rock sounds that toe the line of various genres.  Written composer Phil Mitchell, "A Nation of Love" features sharp harmonies with a booming acoustic ambience that encompass listeners. The piano's poignancy drives home the meaning and emotion of the song as the subtle electric guitar strumming brings the track to life. It gives "A Nation of Love" a slightly chaotic feel before being brought back under control.

The single was composed by Mitchell amid the current American sociopolitical environment. Mitchell's aim is to help the United States move beyond its current crossroads and toward healing as a nation through his music. The launch of "A Nation of Love" coincides with the celebration of American Independence Day on July 4th. According to Mitchell, the celebration of the fourth of July should not just be about America's independence, but also about moving the nation forward to heal it.

Mitchell isn't just an accomplished singer and songwriter, but also an author. His debut book, The Living Spring, was published in 2018 and contains inspirational quotes on life and the world around us. Mitchell has authored more than 70 original quotes along with three music albums. His prolific writing has been praised by music and book reviewers for its power, message, and strength.

The Phil Mitchell Band has been writing and playing live shows since forming in 2004. During their 15 years together performing, the band has released three albums including "Morning Star", "Crossroads", and "America". The band has become well-known for blending a wide range of influences to form its eclectic sound. "Hopefully, we can move closer together in the future," Mitchell said. "Our attitude towards building hope can make a difference. I hope in some way, "A Nation of Love" can bring people together through the music and lyrics."